US based recording artist known as “KMEDZ” whose legal name is Kimberly Francis. She is an Executive Producer, Publisher, Editor and Songwriter who is currently working on a new EP featuring Prod. “STR8 BANGAZ”. Kmedz has upcoming a singles with collaborations with ZFEN Productions & GCN from Nigeria, Negus from Canada, Yamij from Uganda and more.  KMEDZ’s target audience is worldwide such as  in the Americas, the Caribbean, Canada, Africa, UK, Japan and South America.

     Kmedz is an outstanding female artist that credits her successes!, such as her single titled "BYE BYE” on EP “Exclusive” produced by Prod. “Sny Kang” from Supersonyc and distributed on April 28,2021.  Her singles "Pressure" & "Bye Bye" have been reviewed by DJ Drewski from "MVMT" and Torrio from "Music Business Advice" . She has podcast interviews by “Finally TV” and "The Talk" and "the sit-down with Multi-Platinum Bad Boy / Hitmen Producer King Amadeus".  Kmedz has performed on Power's Industry Showcase hosted by Ahmed Rodriguez, "Whose Mic It Is" & the "Go Crazy Festival" Showcase hosted by No Days Entertainment LLC in New York City.  Kmedz has been featured in magazines such as "Recognize Magazine USA" April Issue created by Ms. Champagne and in JamWeekly Magazine in Jamaica. World Music Directory

     Please do follow KMEDZ on her journey as she makes her debut within the International Hip-Hop & Rap scene!. Also,  note that you will be left out on KMEDZ’s unique journey if you haven’t listened to her soca single “SOCA WINE” produced by Still Yet Productions for the upcoming 2024 carnival year. 

     Kmedz plans for 2024 is focused on completing her music videos for her singles and producing first featured mixtape with indie artists worldwide, along with more video content.

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